Escape the puzzlemaster minecraft

Also leave posts about what you think about our map! Last edited by Darkhax: However they all remain fun, so The game doesn't lose to many points for it. Well designed, well made, and well pulled off.

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Puzzles, as this is what this map is made of, were quite excellent.

This map is a rscape Facility Escape map and unfortunetly it fell prey to the classic bad plots of this genre of map. Although this didn't geta high rating I did enjoy it and its a nice quick time waster which doesn't take too long. Escape the Puzzle Master Map 1.7.10

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Or will you die trying? Nice, i can tell a lot of work was put into this, making it not crappy and very good. Fantastic work, I really did enjoy it. Nothing about this map feels so tight that you could bounce a penny off its pecks.

## Game Escape the puzzle master - Roblox

I felt like it suited the map and it did keep me engaged. Just released our second map!

The map is quite short and progresses well. Wake up in a facility, forced to do puzzles yet you escape, yada yada yada. I would like to see a more original plot.

However, I spent alot of time looking for those elusive gold bars, and if I had just breezed through, it likely would have taken less. This site works best with JavaScript enabled.

However there are parts of it which fall flat. I would most definently recommend this map, and even though it didn't get a Diamond Axe, it was certainly reaching for it. For me this map was surprisingly Sorry for the big download, I don't really know how that happened This is an example of what I feel is old school puzzles, and unfortunetly this is what I feel like the map is based around.

I'm sorry but I didn't really experiance anything out of the ordinary and extra. Post your score to get onto the Leaderboard!

While the map itself didn't feature the "Giant Facilityscapes' many of the other facility maps have, this map managed to really keep me into the game and the story, and did exactly what it set out to do. This map has alot going puzzleemaster it, especially with the wonderfully unique and fun puzzles along the way.

Escape The Puzzle Master Map for Minecraft 1.2.5

It seems more simple and isn't one of those massive iron facilities which have become way too common. Well designed, well made, and well pulled off.

There were some really nice puzzles which progressed quite well, however it was slightly outweighed by the simplicity of the majourity of them and the cliche puzzles.

You wake up, trapped by the "Puzzlemaster", and have to complete tasks to move on. Previous Downloads Before MC 1. The visuals in this map make a good use of blending colour and style to make each room look unique. The map also goes some way to moving past the usual rigmaroll of having you go through rooms that are all some variation of a square with its section set within a climbing hexagonal tower.

As I said this game was the first Puzzle map I ever played. This map managed to hold my attention quite nicely, with clever signs and wonderful archetecture.

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