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Originally Posted by bigbill I wanted to add "to sell you the overpriced dvds and supplements that you don't need.

Its a program afterall, a DVD that you push play to. Order P90x Now and get in the best shape of your life.

This is also the only way to get the unconditional 90 day money back guarantee. Personally, I think the app is best suited for people who have the program already and want the flexibility of doing the workouts anywhere and just need a reminder of what move comes guy. I make my own lifting workouts using similarly set counts and gymbuddy for iphone with its builtin rest timer to keep myself on the pace I want.

Honestly though, P90X is going to get you a lot closer than anything else you try for just 90 days. Chose which Package you would like below: Oonline Bookmarks Digg del.

They are likely trying to sell you something.

They don't talk about anything but how to eat different styles based on phases. Sure they can be modified, but this website is far from their onlinf market.

P90X DVD Set

First and last name They are a big old network of products that they relentlessly push, most of them not very advanced at all I tried a gym once and hated the many follow up calls begging me to join. Not trying to troll or flame here, just saying both sides have their pluses and minuses. First, I am not a beachbody coach, nor do I want to sell anything. I was and still am not a freak of nature and I didn't get ripped.

Sounds creepy but great. Many of these items have found their way onto eBay and Amazon.

P90X DVD Set | eBay

Or contact me if you have any further questions. Anyone can get mass when they are not a regular at a gym. I have never bought any supplements from Beachbody. Originally Posted by lvsteven. No I'm not a coach or paid in any way. Sans corny jokes, unfortunately.

The P90X app has every feature of the full program for a fraction of the cost, so it's a fabulous deal if you can handle doing an entire workout staring at your tiny phone screen.

If you purchase p90x and follow the program, you WILL get the results that you desire! P90X Peak Results Package: That is how they make their money. The basic principles of caloric deficit isn't even touched upon in the nutrition guide. Paul Cribb's article on arachidonic acid the latest snake oil scam By Juicemonkeey in forum Supplements. They work, but there are much more effective and efficient ways of getting jacked. Perhaps it's a more fun way to lose weight.

Could you make the same or better program yourself.

Not a dam thing.

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