Chris august the upside of down

Thanks for spending time with us at New Release Tuesday. His deal with Geffen fell through after a restructuring at the label, and August returned home to Garland, TX. I just kept hearing the stories. I was listening for the more technical stuff— guitar comes in here, sounds good.

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They asked me to sing on it. This album showcases all three. The Upside of Down. The song " Center of It " was written before his skateboarding accident.

Alpha Omega News' Tom Frigoli said dwn "Chris has let his guard down and invited listeners to catch a glimpse of his own struggles and joys, hopes and fears in his daily walk. Retrieved January 14, Welcome to the New Deluxe Version.

This Side of Heaven. Chris August speaks with NRT's Bill Lurwick about his sophomore augus, working with other artists and how we relate to God when life is upside down. Aspinwall that "'At the end of the day, my prayer is that listeners will just relate to this record, and that it will take them to a place of worship, you know?

Chris August:The Upside Of Down (2012)

That's what I want for these songs. Christian Music Zine's Joshua Andre said that the album "is as revealing and poignant" and that it is yhe compelling and God inspired album!

It was just so inspiring to me that I decided to write a song around doqn. Chris, you've got a new project called The Upside of Downwhich is an incredible title. In addition, the lead single from the album " Center of It " has garnered chart success. He began to take the whole music thing seriously when he turned 15 -- in that same year he became a Christian and began to write, play, and record music in the home studio with purpose, adding whatever gear he needed to achieve his goals.

Even live, if you get a chance to see them live, you should definitely go. They put on an amazing show. Pieces - Single Group 1 Crew How did this come about that you got put on the number 1 hit for Group 1 Crew? It was interesting to cgris those songs ready. That is one of my favorite songs on the record. I highly recommend listening to this album in its entirety.

No Far Away Deluxe Edition. He endeared himself with his unassuming tallent, his surprisingly powerful vocal and his impeccable songrwriting.

Thanks for spending time with us at New Kpside Tuesday. Chris has created a remarkable album that has gotten ahold of my attention like only a handful have before. August's dad built a small home-recording studio, and August often fooled around with the guitars, keyboards, drum machine, and four-track tape recorder his dad assembled.

The Upside of Down (album) - Wikipedia

Views Read Edit View history. Then all of a sudden the lyrics started hitting me. Jesus Freak Hideout's Roger Gelwicks said that "It could be reasonably argued that The Upside of Down is meant to be a more convicting and intimate release to make the listener apply lessons to their own spiritual walk, and that was undoubtedly the intention all along. I showed up and sang on it.

Did you have the album title before the skateboard accident? You and Group 1 Crew are both Word artists. The Upside of Down Acoustic Mix.

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