Eric clapton river of tears

Song Meaning It's four miles to my lonely room Where I will hide my face, And about half a mile to the downtown bar That I ran from in disgrace. All I know is since you've been gone I feel like I'm drowning in a river Drowning in a river of tears Drowning in a river Feel like I'm drowning Drowning in a river In three more days, I'll leave this town And disappear without a trace A year from now, maybe settle down Where no one knows my face I wish that I could hold you One more time to ease the pain But my time's run out and I got to go Got to run away again Still I catch myself thinking One day I'll find my way back here You'll save me from drowning Drowning in a river Drowning in a river of tears Drowning in a river Feels like I'm drowning Drowning in the river Oh, how long must this go on? Best Pop Vocal Album.

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River Of Tears

Archived from teard original on 13 December Eric Clapton — River Of Tears. Although most of the critics responded negatively to the studio effort, it was one of Clapton's most commercially successful albums, reaching the Top 10 in twenty-two countries, selling more than 4, copies worldwide. Best Pop Vocal Album. That's it, it is simply a rare, perfect work of art.

Gadd said he could work on Clapton's idea and the British lcapton artist chose to start working on the new project, although Clapton felt it could be a worrying time recording the saddest record that has ever been made. For example, in [13] andthe record was re-released on 12" vinyl with better quality pressings, and was in re-released by Audio Fidelity Records as a Super Audio CD. February 9, "She's Gone" Released: Ters hours, seven days or seven years?

Feel like I'm drowning, Drowning in a river. Eric Clapton Cover Versions". Even worse, he's content to take a back seat instrumentally, playing slight solos and fills as clpaton as the electronic backdrops".

Eric Clapton - River Of Tears Lyrics | SongMeanings

Perhaps he needed several attempts eg Tears in Heaven to truly get down what he was feeling. We'll have things fixed soon. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. The first single off the Pilgrim album was "My Father's Eyes", which was released along with the B-side of the instrumental of "Inside of Me" as both a compact disc single and maxi compact disc single on February 9, This section seems like he is doing all that he can to avoid his feelings.

Pilgrim Liner Notes Print. The most tear-jerking part of the song is when the soft violins introduce the words: The album was recorded from to in both Ocean Way and the Olympic Studios. rivver

Eric Clapton – River Of Tears Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Although Clapton recorded both of the songs in the acoustic situation, he never officially released the recordings until the deluxe edition of the live album was released in I wish that I could hold you One more time to ease the pain, But my time's run out and I got to go, Got to run away again This section makes me think he has issues with commitment and is a coward and runs from his relationships By asking for one more embrace it seems that he does love her but just cant stay.

River Of Tears song meanings. Mein Leben [ My Life ] in German 3 ed.

Recording with Eric Clapton". Nielsen Business Media, Inc.

Still I catch myself thinking, One day I'll find my way back here. Erlewine goes on in his review, criticising both Eric Clapton's and Simon Climie's production: Select album in the field Format.

eirc Obviously of the loss of a love, and possibly something more. Archived from the original on 26 June He seems to have a lot of self loathing and doesn't want to be the way he is. Pilgrim brings, so the music website, a slick, smooth, detached, laid-back, mellow, refined, reflective, stylish, sentimental and reserved mood with it.

Comparing the album to the hit releases JourneymanFrom the Cradle and UnpluggedErlewine finishes his review for AllMusiccalling the studio effort full of "blandness" and "disappointing".

Steffen Hung — Hung Medien.

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