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The story begins during the second Persian invasion of Greece. Sparta offers every aspect RTS gamers like. Sadly, this game is thus doomed to end up in the bargain bin. Please Sign In to rate Ancient Wars: Basically, the aggressive Persians under Xerxes want to conquer the world, while the brave Spartans stand in their way.

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Medium infantry " Spartiate " for the Spartans, "Mighty Nadsez" for the Egyptians, and "Nobles" for the Persiansare medium armored and stronger, functioning well as either ranged or melee units.

This game just isn't very fun. Exquisitely crafted with exceptional beauty and easy flow of Graphics.

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He attacks Demaratus' camp, defeating him. This ensures that most missions in Sparta have a lengthy buildup phase as you sit around and wait to gather enough gold to research all the technologies you need and build and the advanced structures. Leonidas has left Sparta for Thermopylaeplanning to face the much larger Persian army led by Xerxes.

Do you recommend it? If you want to jump in with the current "craze" and play it your way - this will sate your cravings with no regrets.

Ancient Wars: Sparta Review

The engine implemented a state-of-the-art vertex shaderDirectX 9self-shadowing and dynamic lighting. Sparta is a real-time strategy game in which the player controls the Spartansthe Ancient Egyptians and the Ancient Persians.

Retrieved from " https: After they pledge their support, word reaches Inaros that Leonidas has arrived in Egypt and is laying siege to Sais. The game ahcient features heroes, who have more health points and are stronger than normal units, and who can acquire special abilities when they level up.

Sparta Relive the classic battles of wqrs ages. SpartaAncient Egypt and Persia. It seriously looks like a game you would buy 10 years ago. What do you think about Ancient Wars: Also, we did not implement any fantasy or scientific elements in the game, like magic or gods.

In terms of resource management, the game features three types of resource; gold, wood and food. Each unit has three slots for customization, with the player free to choose from a primary weapon, a secondary weapon and, depending on the primary and secondary weapon, a shield. The player can collect abandoned weapons after battles or import powerful weapons from other cultures to build more powerful and different special units.

After ancienf Persian conquest of Egyptthe Persian commander in Egypt, Megabyzusforces the Egyptians to fight as expendable soldiers in Xerxes armies. If the mission does not require the hero to survive, but he is killed in combat, the player can revive him in the main building for a fee.

Inaros trains soldiers for the Persian army, but has never thought of spaeta because he knows the Persians are much stronger than the Egyptians.

Ancient Wars: Sparta Review - GameSpot

By Metascore By user score. There's only one competitive mode, though you can play it in an all-against-all or set up different team combinations. See all 21 Critic Reviews. Historical correct timeline is BC and the action takes place with different campaigns for all three races. The same could be said of the rest of the audio, as the sounds of battle often sound like two or three swords clanging together.

Ancient Wars: Sparta

As such, Pausanias has been sent to find Leonidas and talk him out of fighting. Ship combat is a lot more intricate than in most real-time wrs games, as you can determine the makeup of the crew, which affects the ship's performance in battle. Historical correct timeline is BC and the action takes spartz with different campaigns for all three races. Sparta, you'll definitely have to make use of creative strategies to boost your chances of winning View full description.

More about Ancient Wars: The player can acquire gold by building goldmineswood by clearing forestsand food by constructing buildings such as farms.

Unusually, in the announcement, neither the developer nor the publisher were revealed.

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