Edcast plugin for winamp

If you have your own web page Museter provides you with links, scripts and players to place on your online radio station site. This is the information you'll need about your server to connect it to the Edcast plugin for Winamp. Get your computer ready to broadcast your online radio station. Control panel - All that you need to know!

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If not then you can set this to your Museter listener page which you can find in your Museter Control Panel by clicking on the "Quick Links" link and copying your stream start page link which is the first link listed.

Enter your Radio station genre in the Stream Genre box. This, combined with our You might be asking yourself, "Which plan should I purchase? Following these simple steps will configure your winamp to not just play music locally, but broadcast it out over your shoutcast server to anyone through the internet.

Enter the Server IP from your caster.

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to start a radio station using your Icecast hosting server. Enter the Encoder password from your caster.

The Edcast streams from only the sound card and output you select. This is more of an advanced setting and will require you to use a mixer and cell phones. Your server is now running, but before you can broadcast you need to configure WinAmp by performing the following steps: Then choose configure from the menu that appears.

This is what we do at Museter. Click the "Add Encoder" Button and Right-click the new encoder that appears after clicking the button. If your Icecast hosting radio server is a 96kbps or above then set your sample rate to If your Icecast hosting radio server is 24, 32 or 48 set it to 1.

Click the Auto Connect check box. How to talk live or play music from somewhere other than Winamp. For the channels setting Winajp you have configured a different mount point you will need to edit this accordingly. You will now see an Edcast Source window running right next to Winamp. For an alternative, please consider Nicecast. This may be the easiest way for you to get up and broadcasting right away with virtually no learning curve for people who are already used to this program.

Related Articles Broadcast With Edcast Standalone One of the easiest ways to get flr station up and broadcasting is by using the Edcast The next step is to set winaamp sample rate correctly.

This is one of the qinamp important steps as it is where you are configuring your broadcasting settings. You will now see information in your Metadata box and you will see information in the transfer rate section if your stream is connected. Verify that Winamp is not running, then double click on the installer that you downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions.

While these settings can be changed quickly plygin easily down the road, it is best to take your time and choose the right options now. Include your website in the Stream URL box if you have one.

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FM control panel and log in securely. There are many ways that a listener can tune in to your online radio station. If you have your own web page Museter provides you with links, scripts and players to place on your online radio station site. Following these quick steps will have you broadcasting in just minutes.


First, enter your Bitrate. Starting your Encoder Click the Auto Connect check box.

If you're used to playing music and other audio files with the popular program, Winamp then you may want to broadcast right from this program.

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