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Creating a personal DJ Drop Sample. Dude it sound like pure shit with the effects This incredible voice is geared for club and radio play. There are lots of great suggestions in the DJTT forum thread found here: How to Order a Radio Imaging Package deal?

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All of our DJ Drops are voiced in our state of the art studio. A password will be e-mailed to you. Drop your email address here, we'll send you news, tutorials, and special offers once a week.


Contact me via du site - www. How to Order a Radio Imaging Package deal? Roger Dey Google them both. A handy trick is to play a popular mastered track, and match your vocal so that it sounds equally as loud. Want a simple Ableton template to make a DJ name drop with? We know that sometimes as Djs you just don't have time to figure out that one of a kind dj drop script, so we did the work for you.

What if I change the Scripts following delivery? You can also use this program to produce tracks and play live sets! Makes your drop sound robust and wide. Also don't be afraid intri ask the artist if they are in town for a gig check with their management first tho. Along as your brief is solid… we custom design your imaging to suit! Melissa give you an American Voice with a latin style.

Click for Produced Samples. After getting ma,er recorded and sounding saucy, make sure to throw a limiter on the mker output of your DAW.

Up or down, to make the vocal sound like a chipmunk or a giant.

Download their free zip folder of balnk drops. She is sexy and one of a kind! You'll be amazed by the dj tags we have come up with! How can i get a free drop just 4 da first time.

What Kind of Voice do you Need? Get your name to move left and right. All Dj's make have an EPK so you can standout and showcase your talents as a deejay or musician. Pretty much an essential to name drops, as it will make your vocal blend into the music being played and not sound so dry. No SFX or Music.

Just keep in mind that many clubs run their sound systems in mono, which can make your drop cut out if you are only using the left or right channel. D Jay Cee 4: I need a dJ drop also.

What will my Radio Imaging sound like?

Exercise Your Name: How To Make A DJ Drop - DJ TechTools

The team were great in communicating and producing some imaging for my upcoming vojce radio station, sounds really professional! There are lots of great suggestions in the DJTT forum thread found here: Then you can edit and make it sound like what u want it to.

Delivered ready for air and licensed to be played over music on your radio station.

All script changes following us starting work will be extra chargeable.

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