Final theory test questions

Site Best viewed at x resolution. Dawn Chua September 14, at 8: Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 Kit Free. Which of the following is an actual road hazard?..

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Alston Kane June 13, at Allows users to answer many questions and finally review the answers. Convert bookmarked questions into your customized practice sheet to work on weaker areas.

Latest revision questions licensed by DVSA. Then keep in mind some more specific stuff like the road markings, signage, timings, laws can lo. Quesgions of the mock test is presented at the end of each test.


There's no agar-ration here. And for those tests they set really tricky questions that are way harder than the police test to ensure that you'll most likely fail if you don't book their practice tests.

How many can you do? The fun part is when you get to your practical lessons!

Final Theory Test (FTT) - Sure Pass Guide!

Yes, it states sure pass but dedication and commitment depends on individual efforts. I have heard of people failing FTT for times! You may try a sample test before going, but since it is sample, you may want to read up first before trying the one and tueory chance Allow Eat Ware to suggest you to Theory test should be easy right?

You Might Also Like. In Singapore, according to the law, you are eligible to drive once you have reached 18 years old. These questions focus cinal on the conduct of drivers on the road. My first few attempts on this test application were horrendous; I only had questions right.

Bookmark a list of challenging questions to serve as your dedicated practice routine! Such that you can view your weak areas by reading up more on that specific area before retaking. The hard part is when you actually start driving aft BTT. My name is Dawn Chua!

Till next time, bye guys! Dawn Chua August 24, at This is for a period of not more than 12 months.

I have been always here but work and school has hindered my progress with a blog po Singapore driving test is a great website to prepare for BTT. Paid with PayPal but my subscription shows as "Pending" There's no point to refer and pass with flying colours, but when in the actual exam, fail terribly because you can't recall the exact term. You must choose the right option. One thing that made me very upset during my enrollment in BBDC was how they blatantly hold students back by limiting the number of lessons instructors are allowed to clear them for per lesson.

Basic Theory Test and Final Theory Test any advices? : singapore

You really have to memorize the notes and apply them while doing your questions through the application. If you follow these steps well, I promise you that all questions in your FTT will just be a breeezzzzzeee for you!

Candidates can take the traffic police tests whenever they feel confident enough, and most pass on their first try without doing unnecessarily tricky and outdated internal tests.

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