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Simply send me an email informing me of your intent and I will most probably allow you to post. So you have to keep an eye on all the players. Having a good physio lowers the chances of the injury in training and also decreases the amount of time needed for recovery from the injury.

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I could almost imagine the conversation: C Man management This is one of the attributes I look for as a bonus in my coaching stuff. Submitted Tactics If you have created any tactic which you think is good please feel free to submit it.

It should be noted that even if you do not have a release clause or that its value is extremely high, the player may be upset with you for not allowing him to leave. Here are your youth players. Try not to introduce them in important matches against large teams. The value generated by a player with -2 ability would be in the high spectrum of the range. There is no real solution to this problem except for rest or not using the player.

Thus players such as Owen and Del Piero would be in your game even if one selected a small database.

Sometimes even if you are performing well the fans may be sad at a sale of a good player. Lead by example for the players.

Mark Hateley 2 points. You should have a quick forward although this can be countered with an off-side trap.

Championship Manager: Season 03/04 - General FAQ

Selling Good Players If you sell a good player, or rather a player perceived by the fellow players as good, the team mates may be unhappy.

Well transfer list them.

The three are attributes to look out for are working with youngsters, determination and discipline. You may use them if a win is vital. Unless you are planning to leave the club after a few years then I would guess long term finance is not too important ful you.

The moment I quit, many of the players became upset at cull squad status and contract. The hands off warning acts as a form of screen so that less ridiculous offers comes in.

So ask and ye shall receive, that is unless if your site have anything illegal or is involve in illegal activities or any activities that may result in either civil or criminal sanctions. Not too sure if you notice this cute thing in the game engine. fukl

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Jump xm another forum: All Transfers Information relating to transfer news activities. Finance This is perhaps the most important aspect of the entire game, at least in my opinion. This is unless the league in question operates through the summer and ends in the winter.

But since I usually try to offload or not purchase players with such problems it does not really matter.

Contractual Negotiations 1 Negotiations As often is the case in contractual negotiations, the initial demands tull by the player can be brought down. I once played 7 matches in 15 days. So the more the player is involve in the attack the greater the chance of being tired.

CM 03/04 - Downloads

Complex and long enough passwords, that consists of random string of alphabet and numerical characters, are almost impossible to be stolen and misused. Usually, a potentially good player starts off with better attributes. Adaptability If the player has the same language as the national league or with several other team members then there is a higher chance that the player will be settled.

Only a few staff are equally great fukl both goalkeeping and outfield training. For usually after accepting a new contract the player's value would increase.

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