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Hayden sets out to find Mezner and stop the spread of the virus. Stopping Power Available to: You're orders are to stand down until I arrive!

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His right arm now mutated by Technocyte, Hayden arrives at a radio station deko contact the A. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Dark Sector begins with Hayden Tenno infiltrating a gulag compound in Lasria.

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However, we're exploring several avenues at the moment to see what we can do to get the game on Australian shelves. Yargo also tells Hayden that he can get a suit similar to Nemesis' in the facility's subbasement, which can give him a fighting chance against Nemesis.

She and Hayden were once romantically involved, but the story does not elaborate upon it.

When in close proximity to an enemy, context-sensitive actions de,o appear, allowing the player to execute enemies with "finishers". The upgrade coats your ammunition in Enferon and is highly affective on the infected.

Hayden works his way to the entrance of the Vault to rendezvous with the A. I will have to open the airlocks from the security station. But you've passes the point of no return, Hayden. You'll do the right thing this time. March 26, JP: Director of Digital Extremes' latest action game talks to GameSpot about what worked, what didn't, and what he wanted to do differently. The Glaive can also be dual-wielded with a gun, which allows the player to perform weapon combos which are more effective against shielded enemies.

It allows you to add one more upgrade slot to your weapon of choice if that weapon is not already maxed out in upgrade slots. Dark Sector received mixed to positive reviews for its visual design, originality of action and weapon-based gameplay.

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They left you for dead. Don't give me that look! Just follow the coastline north. The discussion page may contain suggestions. The character shares similarities to The Merchanta character deemo Resident Evil 4. I can't just leave him there.

Mezner's down there, in the Vault. Originally planned to feature a sci-fi setting with the main character being a man in an advanced armored suit, it was later changed to a more realistic setting in military bases, abandoned towns, and other grittier environments. Dark Sector First Released Mar 25, released.

Digital Extremes reveals details behind a massively multiplayer follow-up to Unreal Tournament". Look, we're only a few hours out! Also known as a "sleeper agent", Yargo is an expert on the Technocyte virus and Hayden's main provider of intel and advice throughout the game. However, there is no blind fireincreasing the importance of the glaive because it is capable of killing enemies dak Hayden is still taking cover.

Yes, the same ones. So, we play our parts, we make our sacrifices!

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Nadia then tells him that she knows he'll "do the right thing this time", gives him the key to the Vault, then dies. I know where he is! That in all the others, it made evil; but for him [Hayden], it had saved his soul.

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