A thousand acres

The parallel is to the treatment of the land, which endures a similar abuse, as farming becomes more of a heavily mechanized food production system than something that allows one to feel a connection to the earth. What convictions lie at the heart of A Thousand Acres? This book is an excellent example of why everyone should leave psychological novels to the Russians and Henry James.

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Through the course of events that follow, the characters reveal themselves to Ginny the main character and oldest daughter of Larry in various ways.

Well that was depressing. Even the returning prodigal, the handsome and charming Jess, the one who wants to farm organically and restore some purity to the land, engages in a bit of shtup-and-tell, and ultimately proves less than reliable.

Read it Forward Read it first.

Smiley throws in these tiny details: And the book thousadn also full thouwand the brim of farm-coloured white noise, like this: Smiley sensitively handles the sex abuse allegations: So much so that I felt a connection wi The family dynamics of this knock-about tale remind me of a ride that I haven't been on since I was a kid: Twas this flesh begot Those pelican daughters.

The plot also focuses on Ginny's troubled marriage, her difficulties in bearing a child and her relationship with her family.

Knopf books Novels based on plays American novels adapted into films Novels set in Iowa s novel stubs. I'm kind of waiting to see how she does it A Thousand Acres is reworking of King Learbut to call it that would be to demean it because it is not an update, a retelling of the same story. Honestly, no character ends up happy.

Everything they experienced, as sisters and as a family, shaped their own later lives as surely as a braided loaf of bread. This article about a s novel is a stub.

Rose is a tough cookie, who has endured an abusive husband, but is very much a competent, no-nonsense sort, to a fault. Use mdy dates from July Pages to import images to Wikidata All stub articles. Even at the end of her life, she had no illusions about who and what she had been.

A Thousand Acres

The line between likable and non-likable are clearly drawn, and none of the characters were left underdeveloped. The family dynamics of this knock-about tale remind me of a ride that I haven't been on since I was a kid: It is a complex story which can be dissected on many levels.

Yeah, that was my other thought. You can stuff your turgid King Ghousand. It seems as if your looking for others to do your homework assignment.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The townspeople and Caroline blame the two daugthers and accuses them of treating their father poorly and stealing the farm.

The landscape is mostly flat, with a central mound from which all can be seen, the division of local land among rival families, yet for all the visibility it is what lies unseen that devours the characters. After I passed through that place, I had another child, I moved to California, my marriage broke up, and my children grew up.

A Thousand Acres () - IMDb

One thousand acres in all. To ask other readers questions about A Thousand Acresplease sign up.

Lear is no longer a tragic hero, but a major player who rarely appears but is spoken about often. I was also amazed at how Smiley incorporated the ambitious Shakespearean inspired plot, taking the story to dark and deep places.

A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley

There is a pivotal point in the story where Ginny sees the people and things in her life for what they truly are. There are a number of things that I don't care for in literature, and one of them is the family drama which centers on the drama as drama for its own sake, rather than to say something more about the world. This proves to be Smil This won a Pulitzer Prize and acts as yet another testament to why the Pulitzer Prize should largely be ignored.

Aubyn's version was the viciousness of the two older sisters; and of course the really brilliant idea that Jane Sm Reading Dunbar, the latest Shakespearean retelling of the King Lear story, made me want to revisit this old favourite.

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