Crysis 2 benchmark

The end result is an upgrade, a free visual upgrade add-on that introduces DirectX 11 tessellation, a plethora of graphical enhancements for both DirectX 9 and 11, and a high-resolution texture pack only suitable for use on graphics cards with 1GB of video RAM. RejZoR Apr 15, Max Payne 3 Page

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Fast forward to today — Crytek is once again promising to raise the graphical bar with Crysis 2but this time things are henchmark little different. While waiting for it to become available Down Under, I found myself reading numerous reviews about the game.

Ahh i knew 78xx cards would be awesome, i am still very happy with my Benhmark up the GPU ladder, the and ran High settings adequately at x, with both generating average frames per second results slightly above 30 at x Nothing was announced for the PC until a few weeks later when a last minute PC multiplayer demo surfaced. Next to that we'll also have a peek at CPU scaling a little to see on what platform the game runs best. Blower card is what I need!

Uncertain — This graphics card experienced unexpected performance issues during testing for this cryis. Crytek had designed Crysis to be "future-proof," meaning that no single graphics card released at the time would be able to run Crysis smoothly with all detail options enabled.

Crysis 2 Benchmark Results: Crytec's intensive ego-shooter, Crysis 2, takes everything a high-end laptop graphics card has to offer and still hungers for more. At x the managed just Overclocking And CrossFire Benchmarks. AMD is innovative releasing next generation cards that barely perform on the level of a gtxa card that is nearly 1.

Crysis 2 DX11 VGA and CPU performance benchmarks - Introduction

Crytek and EA unleashed the highly anticipated sequel to Crysis last week. Joined Sep 23, Messages 31 0.

Is it present in CF? Did Crytek fulfill their promise to really optimize Crysis 2?

Crysis 2 Performance Preview

Anti-Aliasing Benchmarks Page Jack Doph Apr 14, Based on interpolated information from surrounding graphics cards of similar performance levels, fluent frame rates are expected. Metro Affordable Logitech Z speakers with 5. Joined Sep 23, Messages 16 0.

Just add the bug to a massive list of bugs that already exists John Apr 14, Fortunately, Crytek made good on their promise to deliver a game that both looks and performs better, even with an old PC. It does have an option for Directx 11, but everybody know's that isn't available yet.

Test Setup And Benchmarks. Joined Jun 30, Messages 38 0. Crysis 2 Benchmark Results: Optimal Playable Settings Having crysia how each Crysis 2 detail setting performs with each of the tested GPUs, we can now provide some general recommendations as to which setting will likely work best with each graphics card.

Adrenaline Crysis 2 Benchmark Tool BETA | HWlab

Introduction When the original Crysis came out it was universally heralded for its groundbreaking graphics, and while its high-quality visuals were unparalleled at the time, not everyone was able to enjoy them. Still relevant to our discussion however is the absence of DirectX 11 support at launch. As things stand today, Crysis 2 on the PC does offer better textures, but that's about it other than the higher resolutions and frame rates usually offered by PC titles.

TechSpot Account Sign up for freeit takes 30 seconds. Adding insult to injury, when the PC demo finally arrived, it carried many Xbox leftovers such as the prompt to "press start to begin" or to "adjust your TV settings" when configuring the game brightness.

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