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Maybe the US will eventually get the patched version, but…. The fewer your shots, the higher your score, as the game awards extra points for spare birds. Aside from skill, luck is needed.

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Simple shelters can be easily demolished by catapulted birds, but when the pigs start making their dens from tougher materials such as rock and glass, you'll need to utilise your birds' abilities to blast and bomb your way to them. Blue chicks will multiply into three and cause triple the damage, yellow birds will accelerate and crash through walls, while white birds will lay deadly exploding eggs, shattering just about everything below.

April 8, at 5: February 9, at bjrds The first thing people will ask of the Minis port: For the PSP version, things become enraging when the framerates start to drop. As it stands, I think the rating is pretty fair. Still, this version is more expensive. I do not see any major lags or extreme slowdown, only at some levels game slows when I destroy complex scene… I have PSP But definitely the worst flaw of this game would be the ahgry that there are only 4 worlds, while the iOS version already has 8.

Maybe the US will eventually get the patched version, but….

Angry Birds (USA) PSP ISO

Mail will not be published required. It is broken, buggy and suffers inexcusable lag and frame rate problems that make it a 3rd rate affront to Sony customers who also get charged the most! An infuriating test of trajectory birde and patience that will have you swearing, strooping and perhaps most unbelievably of all bloody well enjoying it. July 21, at 7: Rovio and Abstraction Games Also on. Please enter your birth date to watch this video:.

The lag does make it pretty frustrating in the later levels when there are multiple birds and materials guarding the pigs.

Regardless of what system you play Angry Birds ps, it is proof that simple, puzzle games can have AAA gameplay. The green pigs have stolen the birds' eggs, so the cranky creatures must make a stand against their thieving farmyard foes. You have to time it ahead of time to account for the choppyness. January 19, at 8: I think the possibility of a patch is really remote.

This is a great game. This is a poor port at best.

I love Angry Birds. I myself got pretty lucky to even make it this far.

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Ofaliss, I totally agree with you. January 20, at They look like some sort of bird things, that was a poor design choice, and the pigs in the base don't look like birds at all. A brief summary of the story behind it: Pxp for all audiences.

Angry Birds features challenging physics-based gameplay and hours of replay value. Angrh the developers even know what game they are making?!

Though it would be ignorant to conclude that a game were good simply because it sold well, it is more often than not true. Don't get this silly version. I have played all of them expect for the I love Angry Birds.

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