A senha swordfish

The actual plot and character development seems to have been added afterwards as an afterthought. Don Cheadle as J. Directors Cat Super Reviewer. Berry said she did the topless scene, knowing it was gratuitous, to overcome the fear of appearing nude onscreen. A techno thriller that suffers from narrative shortcomings but is elevated by the star power of John Travolta and Halle Berry and particularly Aussie actor Hugh Jackman who's bound to become a Hollywood star.

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More Top Movies Trailers. Another in a long line of middling movies for Travolta.

Swordfish () - Rotten Tomatoes

You have to admire that in a blockbuster. Twas also only Jackman's second Hollywood action film also, after 'X-Men'. When Ginger tells Gabriel about this, he takes it in stride and asks her to join him on a trip to Istanbul.

Don't have an account? He also privately discovers Ginger is a DEA agent working undercover, and further is surprised to discover a esnha that looks like Gabriel. His parole forbids use of computers and the internet. Laura Lane as Helga. Post Share on Facebook. Margaret Travolta as Hostage No. This may look like a shallow, Tony-Scott-esque actioner to the superficial viewer, but I found there was a lot more to it. Swordfish also stars Sam Shepard and Zach Grenier.

Jeff Ramsey as Hostage No. Natalia Sokolova as Helga's Friend. Views Read Edit View history. Do you know what the problem with Hollywood is? Cindy Folkerson as Hostage No.

Films directed by Dominic Sena. Rusty McClennon as Customs Agent.

A Senha: Swordfish

The film received a great deal sebha press initially because it featured Halle Berry's first topless scene. In the classic neo noir pulp style, there's a scene where Halle Berry Catwoman in the flop is required to expose her breasts in a seductive fashion, but to no effect whatsoever other than a quick chuckle, the fact I found it funny and not unsettling proves how it's merely an expression of style without the sexiness.

The film was a slight box office success but was negatively received by critics upon release.

View All Photos Press alt to open this menu. Anika Poitier as Helga's Friend.

So this begs the question why is Travolta and his goons made out to be bad guys when they're working for the US government and hitting back at dangerous terrorists? Tom Morris as Policeman. The irony of this is that Swordfish is a messy, self indulgent, dull, uninteresting, anticlimactic thriller that goes for edgy and revolutionary but comes across as boringly generic and unbearably camp.

She has a restraining order against the father of their daughter. Torrents brings convicted hacker Stanley Jobson him. Opening scene most complicated visual effect Warner Brothers history. But how did Gabriel know his chopper would get shot down? Halle Berry's first topless scene is the big sejha no pun intendeddoesn't really add anything to the senba and feels pointless but its there. Fcbok group Like EveryDay Cooking. It also seems way way over the top just for the sake of it.

True, there are a few moments of wit, like the opening sequence.

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