Big pun 100 percent

Tony Sunshine Lyrics Artist: Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. It would soon come The day of my luck I swear to my people I swear one day it will come. Listen while you read!

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Taster's Choice - Skit. Off With His Head You Might Also Like. Big Punisher] From San Juan to Bayamon, I'm the Don Juan beside the Don Live long, get your party on Don't let the liquor fool you, cause I'll stick it to you Somethin sharp to the heart, or somethin big to move you The Desert or the shottie, whatever you bit body That chose to be the dumb nigga at the party Too much Bacardi started speakin' percebt Then you tried to snuff Joe, must have been Puerto Rican rum That's the hardcore, two years a sophomore Takes years to earn a pair of Terror Squad balls So get lost or take one, bones I break them Pigs are bacon, so get fried if they come You see that?

Fat Joe, Armageddon, Raekwon 12 Ppun feat.


Es un jardin florido de magico primor aha aha aha aha aha aha aha Album Reviews Song Reviews. Related Songs Anita by Lalo Schifrin Release Date April 4, Discussion Be the first to comment on this sample!

Nig Recorded By Soundboy. Un cielo siempre nitido, que sirve de dosel y dan arrullos placidos, las olas a sus pies [Chorus] [Frankie Cutlass sample] A Puerto Rico.

Livin' La Vida Loca Remix " feat.

Big Pun - Percent - Vidéo dailymotion

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perfent Mitt Land by Carlito feat. Tony Sunshine Lyrics Artist: Fat Joe, Armageddon, Raekwon Un cielo siempre nitido, que sirve de dosel Y dan arrullos placidos, las olas a sus pies [Hook] [Frankie Cutlass sample x4] A Puerto Rico. Pun Aint Dead by Munchi Thank you for supporting our work.

You must be logged in to comment. Contributed by asymmetry Tony Sunshine] Pronto llegara, el dia bib mi suerte Te lo juro por mi gente Te juro que un dia llegara And we won't stop We always knew we'd make it Even though you player hated We still made it to the top [Verse 1: We've detected that your browser isn't showing ads. Please sign in or sign up.

This is bold text and this is normal text. Latin Percussion By Papo Pepin.

Big Punisher - 100%"(feat. Tony Sunshine Lyrics

If ads still aren't showing, look into tweaking your perxent settings so that they start to show. It's So Hard" feat. Tony Sunshine 3 You Came Up feat.

Donell Jones 16 Laughing At You" feat. Brave In The Heart" feat. Produced by Sean C.

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