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If that do not work please give me the enact name and model of the cam and also a link to the cam. If I select this from the list arrow next to it and click the green tick, and then add the remaining info ie. Configure Events Motion Detection and Snapshots 5. The camera cannot upload video clips directly.

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You can then click Settings to access the camera's configuration pages.

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Download iSpy Download Agent new platform. DB Power tech support was really bad. I need more info to continue with this. As it turns out these cameras have telnet open Port and 80 must directs to your cam since I need for the rtsp and port 80 to login to your cam or if you use another port for that. After your camera is setup, you canv visit www. Have you changed username and password from the default ones? This article goes through a load of extra things that you can do with this camera which may not be available in every version of the firmware, or worse may brick you camera.

If it works, please report back the exact model name so that the next user can find it here on the forum. Start typing in the "Make" box to find your camera. I would expect to see the camera settings that I entered into the camera which are: If you ordered a plan with 1 image per x seconds, then the duration should be set to 3. Can you give me a link to a webpage for the cam so I can see what it is.

Thank you for your help. I will maybe do a Factory hard reset and also see if I can find any Firmware upgrades for this camera.

Connect the camera using a network cable to your PC. New week, new …. The camera cannot upload video clips directly.

ONVIF device manager shows wrong network settings. After successful logon, it will go to the live-view screen:.

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I have tried everything!! If you want to use VSS for video recording, then the parameters are dependent on your subscription level.

All other cameras 5 pieces in my network are working perfect. You can quickly check the setup options to see if you need to poer anything. This has both advantages and disadvantages: If an FFMPEG option is available we recommend you try that first as it will often be faster and include audio support.

I wrote a quick and dirty Python script to kill telnetd on the camera:. What onvif DM shows is programmed into the camera.

Connect to Db Power IP cameras

I have tried logging into the camera via Netcam Studio using the default Username and Password and it returns error; Unauthorised which is different from the error: It seems it's trying to reach servers on UDP port Can you give me full access to the cam using Teamviewer? You can also test to search for the cam under the onvif tab. In your PC web browser go to In the onvif manager there is one interesting info, see picture below.

I have no idea what I am doing with most of this so if you are stupid and naive enough to believe any of it, it is your own fault and you can live with the consequences.

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