Acer boot disc

I have a vista cd now and I cant get it to boot from CD. Check the previous messages having the process in details. Are you able to boot into Windows installation using the disc? The recovery disc is meant for restoring the system to the factory setting, and cannot be used to install a new Windows into another machine. I dont know what to do now.

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Any ideas as in what that means and what my other options maybe to either restoring my laptop back to factory or recovering my password?

Thank you very much for your time! By doing this will it take care of a virus that I may have?

How to Make an Acer Laptop Boot From CD |

If you don't have manual then i am giving you an idea. I had a friend attempt to fix the computer loading his own version of windows vista on the computer.

Frustration kicking in after partitioning the Hard Drive. Nope, I am not able to see the screen and boot, I have to send it to the cust care. I suspect I need to load drivers but no idea what I need.

Hi Debbie, I would like to help but unfortunately, I am confused about your description of the problem. Hi Ghost, my laptop model Acer Aspire original windows vista void license then i did tried to install another new vista bit n win7 bit.

How to restore/format your Acer desktop/laptop without recovery disc?

Both the original back up discs fisc and the partition failed and it would seem very unlikely that both would fail.

Now i want to use the Acer eRecovery partition to restore factory everything, how do i do this? Is the Windows Vista disc that you have is an original copy from Microsoft? I got home from a friends to find my son on his z now running windows 7. How would you go about in this scenario?

The laptop then just shut off. And obot sorry to bother, another question, if i use the acer recovery system, how do i create a partition D??

SOLVED: Acer Recovery Disk - Acer Aspire - iFixit

Hi, Since you can restore to factory settings, probably do that again? If it does, probably you will have to contact Acer for assistance, obot probably a repair from them to have a proper recovery image. How can I use eRecovery to factory restore my computer? So glad I was able to find your site.

Acer eRecovery System will only restore the computer to the original state if the computer has no hardware issue.

Will keep your site bookmarked. I contacted Acer support and they asked me to restore to factory settings… Well i am ok with that… but now they also alter me to take a backup of all the files before doing the above.

Knowing how to boot from your laptop's disc drive is essential. Could you give me a little more detail where I could find that file?

How to Make an Acer Laptop Boot From CD

Hi, I dusc a major problem. Hi, I am not too sure but the original Windows Vista come with the laptop should not have voided since it is your copy, even if it is an OEM copy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am preparing my Acer Aspire z to sell. Thank You so much! What do i do? Hello, if acer computer does not want to repair or re-install itself with acer erocovery, is there another way to re-install windows 10?

If you have the practice to store all the files in D drive DATA driveyou can proceed to do system restore. Thanks alot for the help.

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