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Nielsen Business Media , Inc. Retrieved August 16, Fox News Fox News Networks. The Hits Deluxe Version. The bartender, diva, nerd and stripper all begin to immerse themselves in the music.

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It was described by some as "individual" and "humming tune".

Lopez returned to American Idol for its 13th season in January Sources reported that Usher was unhappy and wanted publishing credits, because he "couldn't get it right" for Confessionsbut didn't expect it to be used by someone else; "I'd better get some of the publishing rights or else," he was allegedly quoted saying. CD single digital download 7" 12".

#TBT: “Get Right” – Jennifer Lopez () | WYRG-FM

A stripper is on the phone to her boyfriend, lying by stating that she is at a gay club. Archived from the original on September 15, Live It Up feat. A celebrity diva enters with her entourage, stunning an uptight nerdy fan who has come to the club by herself.

LL Cool J The Remixes and This Is Me Do It Well - Single Vocal Arrangements Delisha Thomas.

Retrieved April 19, The following year she voiced a character in the animated feature film Home, and also contributed the single "Feel the Light" to the film's soundtrack.

She then pulled off her feathered skirt, revealing a sparkling nude catsuit, before shouting "Let's get it! Step Into My World.

“Get Right” Ft. Fabolous Vibe

Release Date January 4, In Funky Good Time: The song's riff comes from a sample of " Soul Power 74 ". We'll have things fixed soon. Archived from the original on August 1, The bartender, diva, nerd and stripper all begin to immerse themselves in the music. That little saxophone riff is a raucous distraction that refuses to fade into the background".

Pitbull - Single Then, which spawned another hit single, "Jenny from the Block. Archived from the original on March 7, Whatever You Wanna Do.

Jennifer Lopez — Get Right".

Her first rigt release in nearly two years, "Get Right" allowed Lopez to re-enter the media spotlight immediately upon its release.

Jennifer Lopez featuring Fabolous. This made it her first lead single that failed to reach the chart's top ten.

Archived from the original on August 17, The upset made-up women bolts to the dance-floor to confront her lover, nearly accidentally causing the bartender to trip in the process.

Thenand the media circus caused following the demise of her two-year relationship with American actor-director Ben AffleckLopez took a break from her career. American rapper Fabolous is featured on yet separate version of the song which is present as a bonus track on Rebirth.

Retrieved April 16,

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