Diablo 2 cinematics

The Hellfire expansion for Diablo came with a new cinematic, related to Na-Krul. Also in the scene, the character is shown stabbing himself in the forehead with the Soulstone in order to contain Diablo's evil. The guard tries to convince Baal to turn back, lest the Barbarian Hordes within the city obliterate the Legion.

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The first epic scene showed Baal, now in his true form with the powers of his Soulstone, and the Demonic Legion invading Mount Arreat. The final cutscene featured the enigmatic Archangel Tyraeldressed in a new garb and spectacular wing effects, trying to save Sanctuary from the Worldstone 's corruption by destroying it.

He fled, finding refuge in a small hostel along with other outcasts and fighting nightmares of the attack, doing his best to stay awake, [1] smoking opium while he did so. Diablo I Ending - Warrior.

There, driven to the brink of madness, he was arrested and confined to a sanitarium. Awaking with a start, Marius found the Wanderer looking over him. Diablo II - Epilogue. Also in the scene, the character is shown stabbing himself in the forehead with the Soulstone in order to contain Diablo's evil. Diabloo more were added in Reaper of Souls:. All I know is that, when he beckoned Then, the Legion pours into the gates hacking away at all who stand in their way.

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A ending scene shows the Dark Wanderer as his fate is explained by a narrator. This led to the player's confrontation with Lazarus and his succubus guards.

As they walked, the Wanderer spoke of his past, how he had once been a great warriorhow a dark and secret dablo now weighed heavily upon them. Dreamed of memories that were not his own.

Diablo I Ending - Rogue. A vision of Marius was used by the Prime Evil to demoralize Tyrael.

Retrieved from " http: He would pay a heavy price for his involvement. Marius broke into tears before Baal "rewarded" Marius for his service, killing him and setting the sanitarium ablaze. Diablo I Ending - Sorcerer.

When Tyrael successfully fights back the guilt, the vision is replaced by one of Baal's lieutenants, who attempts to stop Tyrael and the nephalem using more conventional means.

It depicted Na-Krul being summoned into Sanctuary. Why did you forsake me when you knew Baal still walked among us? The few cutscenes in Diablo I were basically used to show forthcoming battles.

Twenty years after his death, the Great Conflict came to a head, with a revived Diablo invading the High Heavens.

His mind shattered, he carved the accounts of his experience into the floor of his cell with his own fingernails. As the demon and angel cinematicd, Tal Rasha's crazed spirit pleaded with Marius to release him. Marius watching the gathering of Prime Evils.

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Retrieved from " http: The expansion ends in a cliff-hanger, like all the previous releases. From that moment, we traveled together, East. Diablo II - Act V intro.

Diablo I - Archbishop Lazarus.

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