Breaking the habit linkin park

The list goes on and on. RIP Chester, you will be deeply missed. More Linkin Park Lyrics.

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Breaking The Habit Lyrics

This is made clear towards the end with the lines: Shinoda had a lyrical idea of an emotion he had been trying to express for 5 to 6 years before the production of Meteora. Flag Rockfan on September 07, Flag gurt on September 15, Add your thoughts Comments.

It's about your own meaning of the song. Bottom line is that: Switzerland Schweizer Hitparade [18]. Flagged kahrex1 on November 22, My Opinion Ok to start off before I give my opinion what this song means. The video cuts to another character, a girl who breaks a mirror, then writes "I'm nothing" onto a sheet of paper. In the second verse he is talking about "clutching his cure" and "I hurt much more then anytime before I have no options left again.

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Views Read Edit View history. Song Meaning Well to tell you the real meaning of the song ,it is about Chester's drug addiction and Mike par the song for him. A Guide to Japanese Animation Since There was an error. Another character is a young woman throwing tomatoes bresking a man.

It brings out the thoughts that someone who is suicidal more accurately, clearly and emotionally than any other song I have heard.

He is kinkin talking about a physical change in "breaking the habit. Electronic rock hard rock. He feels like he's the one with all the problems, that all the bad things go looking for him I know all about the struggle with SI too I think it's quite sad that kids these days feel the need to hurt themselves.

The only meanings to a song that works are ones that make sense when you can tie that meaning to every line in the song. More Linkin Park lyrics.

Since then, it has found itself in the majority of their concerts. Throughout the different scenes, a wisp of smoke meanders around the characters as their stories play brsaking, and the human face of Chester Bennington singing the song flashes various times.

Retrieved November 7, The instrumental was later released on the Underground 9. Kiss And Make Up.

Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit Lyrics | SongMeanings

A common misconception about the song is that it was written by lead singer Chester Bennington due to his struggles with substance abuse. US Mainstream Rock Billboard [24].

Flagged OliBlackStar on April 15, Unfortunately, what I thought this song meant makes perfect sense with Chester's passing.

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