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Now 1 have 2 PC 1- Switch to Hybrid Mode. Where is OPC item list? Other questions needing answers. Please clear cookies from the domain.

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You will get Select resource window which contains OPC server list and select the same, press ok. What is status finally you get OPC1 running? The time now is There is few parameters you need to set in INI file like: Dave Thompson Dave clcjawa.

I would like to know if this configuration allows to get access to variables opc type in programs in the both computer, because when I try to use opc variables in CBF FBD programm I have an error: This is on NT4 machines.

You abv NOT logged in. Every IP on network are I understood that I need to do sth like that: I know that version 9.

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When I commissioning OPC node with server on Pls provide more info if i understood wrong. I had to pretty much open everything up completely security wise in dcom on both machines to get any communication, and it seems both machines have to be logged on as same user.

Comments 1 New comment by marczak Rank: How to insert variable to OPC Server? But when I went and configured it in a Citect ClientServer environment, not only that I get no communication, when Starting up, Citect is lpc a report using the Citect Exception Mailer and then shuts down.

Connect 2 Freelance from OPC

I am not sure what you want to achieve using 2 gateways and OPC, you are saying in abv question that "I need to connect 2 Freelance on other PC using OPC Server" where you want to connect these 2 freelance system? BB code is On. My OPC Server haven't variable. But how do it using v9. How to connect 2 freelance using OPC server? Not sure if this helps, but good luck.

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Switch to Hybrid Mode. March 19th, My problem is that I haven't connection OPC. Im working with Ver 5.

You will get Select resource window which contains OPC server list and select the same, press ok 4. Now 1 have 2 PC 1- Hello, you have every thing in single project then use global variable i.

Other questions needing answers.

Search this Thread Advanced Search. Comments ab New comment by Sumit Gargav Rank: Citect V7 as Tcp Server. January 4th, Go to variable list 3. Question App Login Help.

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