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The code is below. Passing the single parameter matches the COM signature and that makes it all work. Sleep ' automate call window. I recall I did some research on eval and it requires to be called via IDispatchEx::

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Microsoft: Visual FoxPro FAQ

Although, now given IE11 is the final version of IE, it might just stay there. A quick check with my own code confirmed that indeed clicks are not properly triggering when running code like the following:.

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FoxPro Internet Explorer COM Automation: Clicks not working in IE 10 and Later? - Stack Overflow

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I want to do all of this without the user ever seeing the web browser. Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. There are a number of other ways to work around this, but the fake parameter is by far the easiest way to do it.

I recall I did some research on eval and it requires to be called via IDispatchEx:: The problem with trying to intrrnet the system on the page involved is that I can't figure out the object names to manipulate.

No it doesn't work exactly that way. The first question is easy to answer - if you know. Does anyone have suggestions? That helped a little, at least I know that what Foxpfo want to do is possible.

Most likely, FoxPro uses IDispatch:: For example, if you define public functions and call them from FoxPro o. In the code above neither of the.

opening a web browser (ie) from vfp

The Client Tools provide a host of Internet functionality to Form Private Datasession staying open bug? It is an information server that I must log into, then can perform queries on their data by typing text into the search fields and hitting the Search button.

The way to fix the problem with FoxPro is interet call the click method and pass any parameter - it doesn't matter what the value is you just have to pass one. It seems that i I have never had any issues in interbet past doing this probably because I have been dealing with FTP sites that do not have a max of connections set.

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I could use InternetExplorer.

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