Apple installation disk

Press Shift - Option - Command - R to install the version of macOS that came with your Mac, or the version closest to it that's still available. First Aid will run, checking the health of your Mac's drive. Mon Sep 24 Log in or Sign up. Is it a hardware restriction or some other problem?

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Hi, I printed out this guide before I replaced my SSD, however the graphics for Steps 6 to 17 did not print - the graphics for Steps 1 to 6 were fine - any ideas to solve this issue? When prompted, select your language and press [enter]or click the arrow button.

Plug in your macOS High Sierra bootable flash drive. If you never installed macOS Sierra If you have multiple hard drives, make sure you select the correct one as the next step will wipe the selected drive clean. Probably stupid but really curious? Choose your language, if prompted.

Enter your Apple ID and password if you're asked to, though you installtion not be.

Mon Oct 22 Learn more about when and how to installatkon. Thank U, Clear I would like to test and check. You can enter Recovery by pressing certain key combinations.

I did something like this:. When prompted, type your administrator password and press Return again.

If you need to erase your disk before installing macOS, select Disk Utility from the Utilities window, then click Continue. The trick here is to go to the DU application, select the "Show all devices" option in the top left drop-down menu and then select the apppe device for your disk, and not the individual partitions.

How would i do this without a functioning optical drive. So, go to make a new usb drive with Sierra. I did something like this: Select "Disk Utility" from the menu and press [enter] or click the continue button.

Installing macOS High Sierra

Now you have to remember using a Mac which is a Linux machine and it's grub so the file extension is htls.

So you can't use a hard already in the Dell gx? If you don't need to pre-configure your hard drive, skip to step 5. Open Terminal, which is in the Utilities folder of your Applications folder. Hold down the option key on your keyboard and turn on your iMac. Mon Sep 24 Therefore you need to open your router settings if you have an old router that would be best. Connect the bootable installer to a compatible Mac. Arthur Shi and 17 other contributors. Is anything I should know? But I got Or do I first have to install the OS on the new empty disc and then load my backup?

Click Disk Utility in the Menu bar. This may take up to 30 minutes.

MacBook Install Disk: Operating Systems | eBay

Terminal doesn't show any characters as you type your password. Forums Shop Toggle Search. Your Mac will now go through the normal macOS installation process, eventually restarting.

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