Faith korean drama

With each new episode, this drama keeps on adding flesh, dimension and depth to each one of the characters so that even a minor supporting cast can stand on its own with a personality that you cannot help but love or admire. Hey we can all accept that soldiers do stupid things because they are supposed to take orders no matter what, but come on, these guys have been living with political turmoil for years, so hey, I call bullshit on the the naivete like accepting sketchy deliveries. I like voting for him coz he makes me smile, I want 2 do sth in return and make him smile!!!! And just like they do romance differently in Korean, as was stated above, their writiers and directors have no problem with sad endings as well

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Whatever the case might be, he felt wrong and later committed suicide leaving a 4-pages note. A flashback shows us how that encounter ended years ago: She fait him then to return to her time and then when she goes back the second time.

Last year, Scent of Woman faigh one song after another that quickly became my all time favorites. The third boy she saves has special inner power. Hahaa pls make more koreanovela stories. I'm looking forward to watch "heirs" since everybody is talking about it too.

The Great Doctor

Young looks up at Hwasuin and beckons her near with a wave. Though the movie is fantastical Note: My sentimental heart, however, demands sexytimes with Eun Soo and Young. I kind of thought of the movie Somewhere in Time, which is different, but same idea Nov 24 9: He just wants to continue living. Jasmine Caroline Aug 24 5: SBS 's Monday—Tuesday dramas. I was afraid that this will end sadly. Notwithstanding the fantastical elements, I found the political machinations to be improbable and unbelievable.

It's interesting that I started out being really invested in the main storyline and not caring much for the romance, but now I really care about the OTP, which makes me grin and giggle whenever it's on the screen again.

Faith (TV Series – ) - IMDb

I thought the two would have come to the modern days at least Lee Mi Ho would have gone back with something that change his kkrean over there or the king sending like 5 people to their so-called heaven to gain more knowledge or learn technology through the help of Kim Hee-Seon.

A released trailer with Kang Ji-hwan showed a different atmosphere, much darker, more epic and dramatic than what was finally filmed. Korean dramas have made an impact on its viewers and now I am so interested to learn more about your country. This way she creates a basis for fatih future group Red Crescent Moon where Choi Young will find his place and a teacher later.

So much curious how the two end up, how I wish there has been a more detailed ending coz I really really love them! Okay so we pretty much think Choi can heal his wounds, right?

Constantly risking his life, Choi Young thwarts numerous attempts by Ki-chul and Deok-seung to kidnap and possess Eun-soo, which almost resulted in the death of the king and queen.

I never forget with this amazing movie. Some of the scene was awesome, some was nah. Forget repetitive plots and just see how it develops the story for them.

Thank you for giving us such a good show. Young hears it from erama, but Jang Bin prevents him from entering her room, telling him she has nightmares every night. Jisoo Han Oct 29 First I was really confused because of the ending and it took me a moment to understand it: And to be true to the royal court setting, the baddies pulling this kind of stunt to set up Choi and the boys rings true.

Finally, she and Choi Young reunite. Unless being a monk he knows something about spells or something. You guys are too much!!!

Deok-heung asks what he wants that requires the doctor.

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