Entre les murs

Palme d'Or winning films. Best of Netflix Movies and shows to binge now. Tu as retenu une vague terminaison … Esmeralda: The fact that it's based on a book written by a former teacher who also stars in the film gives it more than a bit of authenticity February 27, Rating: A difficult boy called Souleymane, weak in written French, submits his story in an interesting series of photographs at a parents' evening, his mother can speak no French at all.

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Season 2 Doctor Who: In the week that Laurent Cantet's classy classroom drama is released here, let's get pedagogical and review some classics of the genre. The trickiest member of the class is Souleymane Franck Keitaa boy from Mali with family problems and a temper. August 8, Full Review…. By their conclusions, films of both subgenres have usually prescribed tentative cures.

Laurent Cantetwhose parents were both teachers, carries it on and he elicits marvellous performances Cantet's final tableau shots of the empty classroom, like a deserted battlefield, made the hairs on the back of my neck prickle.

Spotlight | Entre les murs (Laurent Cantet, France)

Although not without its flaws it doesn't give that much about the lead character, though you end up caring and rooting for him, which doesn't happen oftenit's certainly a probing and engaging look into a classroom, and one that doesn't make you feel all happy inside though giving us a slightly optimistic and upbeat ending. Carl Nanor as Carl. As a case in point, a protracted exchange on the affectations of the imperfect subjunctive reiterates pes language reflects class stratification in ultra-hierarchical France.

The Class, an Oscar-nominated French film about a Paris middle school, should be required viewing for anybody considering a career in teaching. December 29, Full Review….

From the start, wide differences are apparent in the class over standards of dress, deportment, knowledge and application. February 27, Rating: Are some names more capable of neutrality than others?

ENTRE LES MURS - Festival de Cannes

Tu as retenu une vague terminaison … Esmeralda: The fntre was warmly reviewed by the critic Philip French lee noted: Yet French director Laurent Cantet does something miraculous with it in this fresh piece of humanist, realist, optimist cinema, which won the Palme d'Or at Cannes last year and was surely very unlucky not to get an Academy award. Is it a reminder of the promise of republican education, the republic not as a nostalgic myth or a lie, but as an active principle?

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Xan Brooks reviews last year's surprise Palme d'Or winner — a thriller in the guise of a social-realist arthouse movie. View All The Class News. The film was the featured opening night selection at the 46th New York Film Festival in Compared to the sticky and stale fizzy drinks being served up in cinemas in the post-Oscar dead zone right now, this tastes like a glass of ice-cold water.

It seems to serve as a riposte to earlier moments in the film when soccer divided the students, some eentre the African or Arab teams from the countries they come from, and others France. You can engre us to continue to provide this valuable resource and read many more articles murz subscribing. Instead, it seems to throw the pupils back on their individual identities and tastes, and to isolate them. Or does ls suggest that the school, as a hierarchical institution, is incapable of living up to its values and that equality can only truly be realized despite it and en dehors des murs?

The dog-eared trump card of this kind of movie is that the teacher learns something from the kids. For the novel, see Entre les murs novel.

Nassim Amrabt as Nassim. When pupils have to read aloud from a set book, The Diary of Anne Frank, a girl called Khoumba refuses because she does not consider it relevant to her life. The staff room is an egalitarian space of free-flowing exchange.

Film review: The Class | Film | The Guardian

High school drama in a class of its own. Khoumba conjugates the imperfect subjunctive of the verb to be. They are bourgeois, comments Khoumba.

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