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Punch War Bijak War. Your main objective is to kill evil buddies with pleanty of weapons. I am just worried about the little kids. Sometimes you must collect all stars on the screen.

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An old game project, one of the first of the firstest, almost at the beginning of my Game making adventure in year on PC. The diversity of the levels is very impressive.

Mario Games

Download old PreAlpha Game Projects. I am so happy I came across this game and I am definately keeping this and letting my friends download it!

New Mario Forever I've never finished this game. Mario Tag Out This is the latest continuation of Super Mario 3: My first and only arcanoid game project from created on PC. I especially like the sounds on this game as they sound exactly the same as any official Mario game and the graphics beat any 2D Mario game. If you Are more interested in this project just take a look to the Bod Blob game project. Another fresh start in Buzkol Maker.

Mario Forever - Mario Forever is really a fantastic Mario remake created with Multimedia Fusion. Oscar Forever Abandoned game project. You main objective is to collect oscar faces. The scenario is different from the first part and the original. I've added some descriptions into game to make it easier to enter the stage.

Small, funny and simple game, just tag and run.

Madloc Future Unfinished. Multiplayer game for players. Punch Forevr Bijak War. Down to the menus and music this game just shines and it's eye candy is also very good.

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There's also a special secret world but you'll have marik find it yourself. He is on journey now and must collect gold as much as he can. Super Furio is a colorful platformer game placed in the platform universe.

New Super Mario Forever A Game project started in year. Myster Muszl 2 is a continuation of first part of the maario. This game is so awesome! Created in year. Game is in Polish language - I've never translated it to english. With a few fancy new stuff like three wing weapon mountage. Hurry up and download it already!

Game project from 8 year. We should realize that it is much changed and it is not a typical platform game.

Dragon ball Arcade is a bootleg game based on Arcade sniper and Obliterator engine.

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