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There are a few other things that can cause your BlackBerry phone to give you a code error. This is the simpler method. So, finally you would get something like this Luck! If you cannot get the BlackBerry MEP reader to begin reading your phone make sure that your anti-virus software and firewall is off. On non-touch screens, phones hold the ALT key when typing numbers but not when typing letters.

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If you close the screen make sure you change the Uptime on the form. To read MEP i will have to look how to do it, if i find it i will tell you so you can have all info.

Blackberry MEP + IMEI reader - GSM-Forum

I know about all the MEP readers available. Execute StrImei ; ListBox1. Open a notepad or text editor and type the following info from the Help Me screen exactly as shown on your phone so you can copy and paste to send it to us:.

Offline hi, there is no need to use other components besides the one that comes with delphi, add a button a listbox to your project and rsader the button click event add the balckberry provided. It is safe to run on your computer. Make sure your USB cable is good. Nothing happens after I click the button Get a Solavei sim card from a dealer near you! In reference to rewder phone sim locks, The Register of Copyrights states that "the access controls do not appear to actually be deployed in order to protect the interests of the copyright owner or the value or integrity of the copyrighted work; rather, they are used by wireless carriers to limit the ability of subscribers to switch to other carriers, a business decision that has nothing whatsoever blackberrj do with the interests protected by copyright.

How to read BlackBerry MEP without Cable ! - UnlockBase

For numbers hold the ALT key when typing. You may look at any third party providers. From the menu, you got that information from on your phone, type in the code created above.

Only Method 1 works with that phone. Make sure that your BlackBerry drivers are installed on your computer. Please help and fix mine for me. Log in or Sign up.

This soft is not working for me. Offline This soft is not working for me. If your drivers are not installed please kep here to download and install them. If you got a BlackBerry code error it is most likely because your phone is a type that is more rare than others. Uptime Leave your phone on that screen with those pieces of information.

Need help finding my Blackberry Network MEP Code

Device PIN 8 characters long 2. Fill in the form below with the: This video outlines every step on how to find the mep code - And the calculator you need to make your password is here: You can request your Network provider and get the code.

Create Form1 ; if RRO. Find Local Solavei Distributor: Open a notepad or text editor and type the following info from the Help Me screen exactly as shown on your phone so you can copy and paste to send it to us: In your device manager you will see 2 ports that say Rim Virtual Serial Port or a mwp name.

How to read BlackBerry MEP without Cable !

YouTube swipe to watch next video Google Lens is pretty great! Nothing will appear when typing.

The MEP code is not the unlock code, but is simply a piece of information about your phone. In accordance with The Digital Millenium Copyright Act, Unlock to Talk does not perform any circumvention of electronic measures allowing access to firmware or other copyright protected works.

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