Fast pc startup

Select HDD group for the first priority. On the right side of the msconfig boot screen you should see a timeout section and the timeout section should be set at 30 seconds, change this setting to 3 seconds. More resources Be sure to check out our other Windows 10 Help articles! Click OK and go back to the boot section of the msconfig screen. Expand the following folders:

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Here are some tips you can use to help get your PC back up to speed. We only want 1 group for 1 priority. When you see your computer's manufacturer logo, aka BIOS screen, press the corresponding function key to enter the setup.

Is this article up to date? If you want extra PC-boosting tips delivered straight from our experts, check out our Ultimate Guide to cleaning up and speeding up your PC!

4 super-simple ways to make your computer start faster

With fast startup enabled, choosing to shut down your PC might look like you're completely shutting things down, but in reality, your PC is entering a mix between a shutdown and hibernation. Basically, you need to:. Upload a picture for other readers to see.

Click Turn on fast startup recommended so that the checkmark disappears. If you're among the group of people who disable fast startup on their Windows 10 PC, you might want to recheck the settings to see if it's still off. Let's take a look at exactly how fast startup works, why you might want to enable or disable it, and how to do so.

Why disable fast startup? Click Change settings that are currently unavailable. Following the April Windows 10 update it again appears that fast startup has been re-enabled, at least on my PC. For settings and more information about cookies, view our Cookie Policy.

You'll have to log in again on websites that save your info, but the speed increase is worth the occasional wipe. It's a handy feature and one that most people use without even knowing, but there are others who disable it immediately when they get their hands on a new PC. Your reason for disabling fast startup might simply have to do with wanting to see your PC truly shut down when you choose to shut down, especially when working with a speedy solid-state drive SSDor to have the processor CPU uptime reset after booting.

All these tools are built in.

How to disable Windows 10 fast startup (and why you'd want to) | Windows Central

Fast startup is a feature first implemented in Windows 8 and carried over to Windows 10 that provides a faster boot time when starting up your PC. Skip to main content.

Is your PC truly shutting down? There are a number of sleep states, including S1S2and S3and there's also a hybrid sleep state where hibernation is used in tandem with a sleep state. The top causes of long boot times include:.

How to disable Windows 10 fast startup (and why you'd want to)

The speed boost comes from the Windows kernel being saved on your hard drive and loaded when staftup. We are going to change the first priority to HDD group.

Is your home computer running slow? Thank you for your feedback!

Even if you exit out of every program before turning off your computer, some applications will launch automatically when you boot it back up again.

For those who want to get their hands dirty with systems admin tools, figuring out how to speed faast boot time can be a great way to better know your PC.

Quick Startup

We debunk some common myths about speeding up the boot time on your PC. If you are bold and tech-savvyyou can also grab an SSD and install it in your PC or laptop yourself. So it takes time. Yes, this is a shameless product plug; but our engineers put blood and sweat into this — and sstartup want you to know about it and check out the trial version.

Even if you keep your computer virus-free and abstain from downloading dubious programs, it'll eventually stop booting up as quickly as it used to.

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