5 days of war

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Dell web camera software free

Other additional features available on the software include reduction of noise and removal of scratches from the videos. Generally, the Dell lovers have a reason to smile with this tool specifically to accommodate them. Both on the image and video files you can add some additional visual effects to add some glamour to the output files. This is an application meant for the inbuilt webcams for the Dell laptops.

Diet diary template

In addition to printing blank diary pages, you can use this spreadsheet in the Excel app on your smart phone. It has many features and fields like calorie target, vegetables consumed, grains, fresh fruits, fats consumes and so on. Here are some tips on sticking with your food journal:. It maintains all the records and even suggests the right amount of diet for an individual.

Animation software for pc

What's more, you will also receive the best discounts, deals and discount coupons before anyone else! Being an amazing 3D animation program, you will find a lot of different features and a wide range of texturing, lighting, animation, and modeling options. Houdini is actually a great option for animators looking for excellent graphics options for their 3D animation project.