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In fact, you don't have to be an international bowler at all: More Yes i can summarize. This is a great game that comes from a reputable company, and I think many people will love the demo.

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I also wish the demo had a better menu that explained the controller and keystrokes without having to pause the game. And the complexity, too, is impressive. Cricket Demo This game can make Benaud look a fool - and that, of course, is wrong; almost as wrong as a later exclamation "That's four runs off the over!

Keyboard controls are more extensive; some basic ones are listed thus: Now players may pick which foot they use, shoot, direction, power and timing as well. For example, the player models look great for the most part.

I wish the demo was a little bit longer to allow more time to experience the various features. I would recommend that you use a controller instead of the keyboard when playing the game as well. Pros Choose domestic or international team Television broadcast focused play 35 stadium layouts Tons of tournaments available New broadcast and behind the batsman cameras The last release with all-real player names Cons Player graphics Some features require upgrade EA no longer offers much technical support for the game.

Unfortunately, since Cricket is about six years old, the graphics aren't the most impressive, especially compared to other EA titles. We will persist, though, if only to hear Richie's delight when we finally crack a genuine four. Cricket offers you the option to compile and play on international teams, as well as bonus squads.

Download Cricket Demo More realistic, though, are the stadia the matches are played in, while the scoring and analysis options will set mini-Frindalls positively drooling into their beards. Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. Cricket allows you to play simulated Cricket as your favorite domestic and international players and teams.

A print option would be handy to allow players to have a quick-reference page of the controls during gameplay, but this isn't to say that the full version has no such feature. Cricket 's graphics may be a bit out of date, but this demo is still a fun experience for diehard cricket fans.

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Three regional release covers for the full version are: Unfortunately, on this occasion we will have to take the manufacturer's word for it: Visually, EA Sports Cricket appears on the computer screen in a way which is reminiscent of watching a televised cricket match. It took a while to load, but this was not a surprise considering the size of the program. My real-life team-mates may say that's just art imitating reality, with some justification, but in my defence my fellow guinea pigs fared equally badly.

Abuse Absolutely free fast-paced action game. Leaving without your download?

User reviews about Cricket There are a couple of different versions of EA Sports Cricket; a release as well as the edition. Jenny Thompson is assistant editor of Cricinfo. Installation is automatic and I was able to remove the game without any problems once I got bored with the trial. Your review for Cricket.

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In my opinion, actual performance was fine. Again, this has always been one of the strongest points of EA Sports is how they have always gone the extra mile to get the licensing. Because EA is an American company, it doesn't make sense that they decided to make a sport that America doesn't love all that much.

Cricket Cricket allows you to play simulated Cricket as your favorite domestic and international players and teams. And that was a streaky edge.

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