Could you be the one

You whisper you love me in my ear. Yeah, we're gonna make it last for a while. Let them all go tumbling, tumbling. I could wake this up, my little sleeping dragon, If I wanted to…if I wanted to.. I say in a part of the song there is a "oh, ooh, ooh, oooh!

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I need you now to hold my hand and whisper softly, and tell me Coudl your man. And I'm just waiting for the bells to start a' tolling, across the river where the water's overflowing. You and me at the rocket park, you and me at the El Lugar, you and me at the Opry Land, and you and me reaching out our hands.

You might not recognize me soon.

Could You Be the One?

And when the panic motivates me, are you strong enough to hold me down? It leaves me feeling cold.

You really thought you would be showing up on TV. You're a part of me the best part of me, darlin'.

And if i only could be there to hold you, it feels like i stop breating when you're around. I'm gonna find me a wife, and it ain't hard to believe in love in a city of lights. Love me with no reservations and I promise I'll be good.

Long ago, the grass was green, the hills were capped with snow. The lyrics sounded like "I can't move on or I can't let go" and we're sung slightly high pitched, with a background electronic rhythm beat which went "bum da da da bum".

Could You Be the One? (Stereophonics song) - Wikipedia

Don't even know what I'm hiding for Don't even know what I'm crying for Don't even know, could you be the only Broken hearted one. I'm gonna buy a house for everyone I love, and we'll all reside above the empty streets. Oh, there must be a god, somewhere in the universe. Hook but was not.

But when I go, there will probably be no angels singing, no harps ringing, no pearly gates, nor devil's flames, just nothing nothing nothing nothing. I carved a place out in my heart where you'll stay, and I will bw keep you happy and safe. Cause a love that is deep in your heart, only wants to be free. Wills mom give a snappy comment and they all start dancing And I walked all across this coould looking for a love I could understand, looking for a price that a soul could pay and a blessed plot of land where our bodies lay with a stone put above our heads, it'll mark our place.

Hüsker Dü – Could You Be the One? Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Daughter, I once knew that everything that I believed was good, and fair, and true, and consistent with my needs. Anonymous 25 October Reply Hi I'm looking for a 90's alternative song that goes like this: Thought we knew all we'd need. Ve gonna count my sacred things, like the baby I caught smiling at me, or how my lady loves me effortlessly.

You're beside me, like it should be at the end of my journey. I'm alive and the sun is shining in! All that we need we'll have; all the luxuries, the treasures, all the pleasures and the fads will surely fit into the plan of a cheap gold ring, and a cheap gold band. Love will be the shotgun that we'll fire to scare them off.

Here, it's just me and you, our nation of two. So lift up your heads, don't worry about death, we're all gonna be just fine. Oh couls, I need the rest.

Thank you very much. And I think that it's never gonna change, and I think we will always be this way.

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